Louise and Richard have worked with Aveda for over a decade, and are super excited to be continuing their journey with them at The Loch

At Aveda, The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences, they believe that Nature is the best beauty artist of all. This is why they continually strive to increase the use of naturally derived ingredients whenever possible.  

Being a cruelty-free brand that uses vegan formulations and it also works to reduce the waste with sustainable sources of energy at its manufacturing facilities. It reflects its commitment both in the products and the packaging. The company cares both for its people and the planet.

Besides setting new beauty standards, Aveda seeks to create consciousness about the environment around the globe and it is committed to helping communities improve their lives.  

Working with a brand which is committed to set new beauty standards of leadership and at the forefront of sustainability makes us proud to be part of their community.  

We don’t use sustainability as a selling point; for us its central to everything we do.


We are one of only a handful of Aveda salons in London exclusively using Aveda hair products and Aveda full spectrum vegan hair colour, which are sourced from organic, sustainable and renewable plant-based origins.

Aveda colour creates rich, vibrant, bespoke results and its fade-resistant formulas infuse hair with incredible condition and shine. We stock a wide range of Aveda retail products including haircare and styling.

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